Monday, September 21, 2015


Hello again!

I received an email today from YWAM informing me of what to pack, what not to pack, that I need an entire new swimsuit wardrobe because mine all have strings, and... WE'RE ONLY FIFTEEN DAYS FROM DEPARTURE!!! Oh my lanta.

Time seems to be flying by. I seriously was telling people yesterday that I was 19 days from leaving because somewhere in the whirlwind of life, I lost four days. Ha!

Thank you all for your prayers for my speaking on Sunday. I shared my journey with Westside Baptist Church in Hutchinson - the church I grew up in - and was immensely blessed by the people there. It was so great to see familiar faces from my childhood, and they were all so supportive of my decision to do missions.

I won't lie to you and say that it was easy to get up and talk, but I don't want to downplay the work of the Holy Spirit either. He eased my nerves in such a supernatural way. I love walking through life with Jesus because I am able to do ANYTHING through HIM who gives me strength. And courage. And wisdom. He has been pushing me along through every step in the preparation process, and I am constantly amazed by the ways he speaks to me. I am already learning so much.

Prayers for these last weeks at home:

  • I'm speaking at another church this weekend. I'm not nearly as nervous about this one since it's a little country church (smaller crowds, smaller nerves), but prayers for a smooth delivery and confidence in my message would be awesome!
  • I became nervous today by the fifteen-day mark. I keep telling myself that God has walked with me in everything I've done so far, and he won't stop when it's time for me to board the plane. (Because did you know that God flies too?!) But anxiety has a way of creeping into my thoughts. So please pray the anxiety away in Jesus' name!!! :D
  • My car still hasn't sold. It's come close, but I'm nearing the end of my stay in the U.S., and it's crunch time. Since God told me very clearly that I needed to sell my car, I know it'll be sold. It's hard to wait it out though. Pray for someone to come along who's looking for a new-ish car that goes really fast and has shiny black paint. :) She really is a beauty.
Talk to you again soon! Adios amigos!!!

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